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Grey and white kitchen renovation with stainless steel appliances and granite counters

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Making a house your home through home renovation boosts your family's enjoyment and increases the value of your home. Hiring a trusted contractor is priority #1 and AAROSS Construction is here to help.

How It Works

Signing a Contract

1. Get an Estimate

Getting an estimate is your first step in the home renovation process. We will meet with you to get an understanding of your needs, assess the current state,  and provide a project estimate.

Interior Design Home Renovation

2. Plan, Design, & Renovate

Aaron and his team will guide you through the plan, design, and build processes by providing drawings, floor plans, and onsite project management to help you make your house your dream home.

Cozy Living Room Renovation

3. Show Off Your Home

Once your home reno is done, the only priority for you and your family is to enjoy showing off your new space and make memories.

Signing a House Renovation Contract
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